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I might be homeless soon, I’m scared.

I lose my job next month, on the 17th of September. I need to have a job to pay for this place, if I don’t find a new job by November when the Tenancy for my flat needs renewing then I will not be able to renew it. This will make me homeless.

It gets scary when I see I need a female suit or at least smart clothes for interviews as I am now presenting as female and don’t have interview stuff.

Any donations of clothes UK sizes 12/14 could be life saving at the moment so if you can donate please PM me or leave a message in my ask box. I can help with postage if needed. Thanks.

Please Signal Boost if you can, it may reach just the person who could help me.

Thank you.

P.S If you can’t donate clothing but can a small sum of money then also message me for my Paypal details.

I can send out male stuff if you wanna swap.









The obsessive one who leaves passive aggressive post it notes everywhere


I don’t normally reblog these but this one fit so well.

Exuse me America, it is I, the Whiny Little Bitch. 

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nightwolffhang asked:

Your cutie and sexy the way you are and I know I would love to cuddle with you. :3 I just love cuddles and I been dying for some too.

I’m not sure where you are but feel free to add me on Skype and we can chat, if your nice and close I’m always free to cuddle and nerd out over TV/Games and Films.

I just want to look in the mirror in the morning and see a girl looking back, instead I see male old me. I think it’s just getting to me more now than it used to because it’s been so long since I heard from the NHS gender Clinic.

Anyway my Skype is: Damax2305
If anyone adds me please introduce yourself in the invite, and saw your from my blog.

I need a cuddle so badly….

I miss everyone in my life, I have friends but they are busy or far from local. Meeting strangers is fine for sex but never get that warm friendly feeling.

I dunno, I just seem to wake up and hate a another part of me. I hate how my voice sounds, I hate who I am and just feel I will never be who I really am because of money.

* I need a voice couch to help my voice

* I need hormones and still nothing from the NHS (I was referred in MARCH!)

* I need more female clothing, winter and fall stuff

* I need new boots as my converses have holes in them, I want women’s boots but can’t find them for my size (stupid large man feet!)

* I also need a haircut and style

* I need my eye brows doing

I need all of this shit to even have the slightest chance of looking female and due to assholes and depression I can’t even pay my bills or get a new job. I feel hopeless, helpless and just so lost all the time lately. Not sure how long the pills take to work but so far they are not, I still feel as low as ever.

One thing that cheered me up lately was talking to slavefoxie, thank you for making me laugh and forget shit for an evening!

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