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This afternoon during my lunch break a guy who was pretty cute and started chatting to me on the ‘dating’ app Tinder, he seemed nice, called me cute and seemed to like me.

He asked if I wanted to go round his and I had no plans and like meeting new people so thought it might be fun to have a laugh. I was not intending sex but then again I don’t tend to plan sex it just sort of happens I don’t say no :P I mean I was not seeing him for sex I was seeing him to just get to know what seemed like a nice new person who was local. I also thought, hey he seems nice I’ll be upfront and honest with him to start the friendship out on the right foot. This was the response I got and it knocked me back.

Honestly I was nearly in tears in the office because it made me feel so separate and different from cis-girls. I dunno, I wanted to put this out there and just get it off my chest.

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