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Anonymous asked:

Hey I saw your post on the UK teams clothes swap and if you still want some I have some formal/business attire in those sizes (for donation not swap since I'm cis) so if you're still interested 😊

I could do with it if you’re sure :) It would be very helpful :D


10 questions to never ask a transgender person by Laura Jane Grace

Okay I try to make original content on here that relates to me but damn as a Trans girl this hit home. I’ll go though each question and explain why.

1.)  People have told me since I still have a penis I should use the men’s toilet. Somehow I don’t think me and my skirt will be welcome there though.

2.) I have been asked this a lot. Last time when I answered”I don’t want the Op” I was told well I’ll still be a man. Honestly I like my penis, I know how it works and the operation scares the shit out of me so I don’t want it. I’m still a woman.

3.) Recently I had a friend and his housemate that because of my penis I’m still a man and therefore gay.

4.) As you can tell from the last 3 answers my penis tends to be the focus of peoples attention when talking about me and my gender.

5.) Not been asked this yet

6.) I have been asked this, the answer is Robin. I think you mean my birth name.

7.) I get so upset and paranoid and think I look like a man. I fear this question.

8.) Ask my best friend slavefoxie, I really dislike my voice. It’s too deep and man like.

9.) Straight won’t touch me when they find out I’m trans. I have had them compliment me, call me cute, sexy but nope, when they know I’m trans all contact stops.

10.)  Put the thing in the hole.

Grand Theft Auto Online: The Good and Bad.

I have been playing Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA OL) Since I moved into my new place in June this year. I have fallen in love with it. I think it’s one of the best games ever made and honestly my personal favourite game at the moment. I wanted to reflect on what makes it so great, and what it’s flaws are.

The Good:

  • This Game has the same fantastic engine behind it as Grand Theft Auto V and frankly this means it handles and just feels amazing to play. I love driving, flying, shooting and just getting about in this game.
  • Being online makes Los Santos and the whole state of San Andreas feel alive and never dull, I love just doing your own thing in a city filled with other real players.
  • Having your own character in a Grand Theft Auto is amazing, you get to be yourself and as a Trans person identity is important to me and finally my favourite game series allows me to make my own identity. Thank you Rockstar.
  • Grand Theft Auto online allows you to do what you want, you can live a normal life with bike rides and shopping trips or you can ran a state wide rampage. This is all up to you, freedom is amazing and this game has plenty of it!

The Bad:

  • Well here you are, with your copy of Grand Theft Auto V, GTA Online just waiting to cracked into, it cost you £50 but it’s a big game, looks great so you know, worth it. You get into the online mode, great this is fun I’ll just do some missions and get myself a flat, oh wait they cost $200,000 minimum and you only earn $1000 each mission at the start, why is this is this so hard? Oh ya, you can pay real money for in game money, Pay to win is annoying in Free games but it’s an insult in a £50 game.
  • Okay above I said Other players make the game feel alive but damn it they can be annoying. If I wanna do stupid stuff on my own I normally start a solo game as other players can be dicks. Less of the random player murder and just blowing up expensive cars okay guys?
  • The grinding, I can’t tell you how much I have replayed missions online, I mean some MMO story style shit would be fun instead of having to steal the same cars and kill the same targets over and over. Unless you know, you spend real money on in game money…
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